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What sets Body by Vi challenge apart from other weight loss program


Are you one of those people who want to lose weight? Do you want to lose weight healthily without drinking those “magic pills”? Do you also want to lose weight while earning money? If you answered yes to all of these questions then you better try the Body By Vi challenge available from ViSalus, a company that promotes health and wellness. There are many available products offered by ViSalus and the Body by Vi is one that promoted nutrition and weight loss. Some people think that Body by Vi is a scam however, you will be able to see in this article that Body by Vi is a legitimate way to generate money while losing those extra pounds.


ViSalus offers participants of the challenge the chance to lose weight, get in the right shape and be healthy with the right incentives offered. The challenge consists of different levels that people involved must pass in order to finish the challenge. Prizes up to $100,000 are given every year for challengers.


Another good thing about the challenge is the “Refer 3” program. If you get three referrals or friends who also join and purchase the challenge kit, which consists of a flavoured-shake and vitamins supplements, then you will be able to get your next month’s kit for free. When your referrals get to refer other people to join the program, then you will also get the chance to have a residual income from their purchase. No other companies offer these kinds of incentives.


The company offers specially-formulated shakes that you can drink everyday to help in your weight loss. There are four different shake flavours and you can choose one that you get to drink every day. These shakes are nutritious and formulated with different nutrients and vitamins. They are very healthy and delicious and will really help you in your weight-loss journey.


The shakes are very delicious, really worth your money, plus it will help you lose weight nutriotiously. These shakes will give you the balance of vitamins and minerals that you need while on a diet. They have their slogan “A shake a day melts the pounds away”.


The Body by Vi is different from other weight-loss program who believes in starving oneself in order to lose weight. The Body By Vi challenge is a program where you have to compete against yourself and it will also give you the chance to win exciting and fabulous prizes such as BMW’s and luxury cruise trips while losing weight and getting in the right shape as your number one priority.


You can purchase various kits that correspond to your weight-loss expectations and goals. The kits cost around $49 up to $249 and the kit is only for a month. You get your next month’s kit for free if only you can ask your three friends to join you in the program.


The real challenge here is the replacement of the normal meal with the meal replacement shake. The shake is like a complete meal and tastes just like a normal ice cream. You can easily drink the shake while enjoying the taste.

The program is unique because the weight-loss makes you motivated and the effect of weight loss is instant, unlike in other programs where you have to drink shakes or capsule that do not taste good. People can also keep you motivated because of the incentives and benefits that you can receive while staying in the program.


Many Body by Vi reviews say that the program really works for those people who are really disciplined and want to lose weight because even though the shake is nutritious, it still hard for some people to omit food from their normal diet and replace it with the shake.


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